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We are a family run business, established since 2002 who have made a great relationship with customers so far. We are passionate about our business and dedicated to our customers. Therefore, you will enjoy great service with accommodation and facilities while you stay with us.

Our main goal is to create the most comfortable environment for our customers as well as to make them enjoy their stay. We offer a comfortable and pleasant environment for every guest. We are always proud to provide quality services to our valued customers. Therefore being our valuable customers, you are privilege to enjoy the services and warm welcome while staying in our Hotel.

We provide the perfect location for both the tourist and business client alike, at a very affordable price and much more. Our priority is to be professional with a high quality service in hotel industry.

We ensure that every guest leaves feeling that they were the most important person to ever experience our hotel. Kadikoy PORT Hotel is therefore a place where you can experience the best of everything.

Kadikoy PORT Hotel also offers a guest experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service and outstanding facilities.


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